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Great Examples Of Ergonomics At Work

In this post, we bring you fantastic examples of ergonomics at work that will help you understand it. As we explained in the article on work ergonomics, it does not depend on the design of the elements themselves, but on the interaction between the user and the object itself. The ultimate goal of workplace ergonomics is to optimize worker productivity and the production system while ensuring worker satisfaction, safety, and health.

But once the concept is understood, we will discover the importance with some excellent examples of ergonomics at work that reflect the day-to-day in the offices and that we can put into practice to avoid injuries and work more effectively.

Good design of the working environment

An adequate design of the space must comply with premises that respond to the worker’s needs, offering comfortable spaces in which to work effectively depending on the activity being carried out.

We must achieve surfaces spacious enough to avoid adopting forced or static positions that prevent workers from maintaining good health. To do this, environments that facilitate movements and posture changes must be promoted, leaving a perimeter around the table and leaving a minimum space of 115 cm behind it to facilitate mobility.

We must also have a large work surface and without elements that hinder, leaving within reach those of constant use and storing the elements of a more punctual use. If it is an adjustable table, the table will allow us to adapt it to our needs in a versatile way. We will thus be able to adapt it to our height and make it more comfortable and ergonomic

Proper use of screens and monitors

The third of the examples of ergonomics at work is related to technology, in this case: screens and monitors. To avoid damaging the neck and cervicals, it would be optimal to have the screen completely straight at eye level or slightly low to avoid twisting the neck.

Screens can also cause vision damage, and that is why we must keep a minimum distance of 55cm and try to rest our eyes from time to time. Adjusting the intensity of the brightness and contrast will also help us prevent eyestrain and adjust the temperature of the monitor and opt for the black letters on the white background.

Keyboard and mouse

In the long run, improper use of the keyboard and mouse or an uncomfortable and forced posture can lead to a health problem such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

For the use of the keyboard and the mouse, a relaxed and aligned position with the forearm should be ensured, so that abrupt positions do not occur. You should also look for an adequate and comfortable distance, avoiding overstretching your arms or shrinking annoyingly. Finally, we must have enough space to comfortably support the weight of the forearms on the surface and not on the mouse.

In addition to taking into account all these factors in terms of posture, we must always try to select appropriate tools for each need, and that facilitate the task. Ergonomic mice designed for the type of posture we perform or support that allow us to adjust the position and height of the keyboard will always help us work more effectively.

Pauses and stretches necessary to relax the body

To finish with these fantastic examples of ergonomics at work, it should be noted that it is important to take short breaks of 10 min every three hours to stretch and perform some exercises that allow us to relax our eyes, muscles, or joints. Gestures as simple as bending the knees, relaxing the feet, stretching the hands, or resting the eyes can prevent very serious problems.

With some of these examples of ergonomics at work, it is much easier to be aware of everything we do wrong every day, and little by little, it can affect our health. With small gestures such as good monitor regulation or proper posture, we can benefit our health and our work results. You can find more information about what ergonomics is at work if you are interested.

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Reasons Why You Don’t Have a Great Job Right Now

Great job, we all want it. But seriously now, why don’t you still have a cool job? Because that is much more difficult than it looks, and it may seem tricky. That’s why it’s good to understand the main reasons. so you can change it.


Oh man, this is so difficult. You are at work, behind your desk. It’s 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. You have to go all week and think: Phew I really don’t feel like it. If only I had … or if only I had … or if only I …

This is the “but syndrome”: Being dissatisfied with what you have now but having no idea what you want. When you are satisfied. Do you actually know what you indeed  want ?! I mean, really serious deep down in your heart. With all the depth and details.


Somewhere Mark Zuckerberg has pretty much become the standard, and everything underneath is very disappointing. A little over the top maybe, but somewhere in between is your goal. And as long as you have not yet established that goal, you can deal with it in two ways.

  1. You get stuck in this situation. You keep nagging. You stay ‘but-and’.
  2. You see it as that ideal vacation you are looking forward to. Anticipates this and gets to work motivated.

It is an important difference whether you take responsibility for what is actually due to you.


If you’ve ever applied, you know what a struggle that can be. Finding out what you want is 1, getting there is 2. There are two reasons why it is hard work:


Do you know how difficult it is to get there? You have to be constantly aware of what it is you want. Pay attention to this regularly. Entering a path with uncertainty. You have never done what you want, so can you really? You have to be patient, a lot of patience. Keep focus.


When it comes to the crunch, you become what you really can do well. That is why people are hired mainly on functions, not personality. If you do your job well, your customers or boss will not care how much pleasure you get out of it. You are  responsible for that yourself . You are responsible for the fact that you are having a good time. Both in your search and when you are already working somewhere: you have to make it fun yourself!

But, that is only possible if you are really  good at something. Only when you are good, are really good, you get more choice in what you do. You get more freedom to choose for yourself, for an employer or for your ideal customers as an entrepreneur. That doesn’t matter anymore.


Man, we are so impatient. Seriously I can’t even wait five minutes for the bus without getting impatient. I really had to learn this. We want results, and NOW.


Because there is so much possible. You can’t think of it as crazy or you can become it. Creative design advertising multi agency consultant , but hey there are now more jobs that you don’t know the name of than you know them about.

It is tempting to settle down . That then starts with the first to tackle what comes next. Don’t think about whether this is really something for you, but just take the money. But after six months or a year you run into the same problem again.  If you can show that patience, focus and confidence in the process, then a bright future awaits you. Sure!